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BC Welding Services is a small family owned company. Ben, the owner, is currently working in the offshore construction industry completing pipelines and subsea structures for a major gas project. BC Welding Services is a part time venture looking to provide welding services to the agricultural industry, semi-rural / hobby farms and local business owners. 

Work History 

Ben's prior work background includes completing his apprenticeship with the Water Corporation, various positions within the mining sector, with the past two years having worked offshore. He is proficient with all types of welding processes, including pipe welding to ASME IX, DNVFS101 codes and structural welding to AWSD1.1, AS1554SP and GL Shipping Standards.


Danica is also involved in the business and can be contacted when Ben is unavailable to arrange quotations, jobs, etc. Please see our contact page for details.

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BC Welding Services

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